3 Tips for Communicating with your Child’s Teacher

Teacher sitting with a group of students in a discussion

Setting yourself up for success with the best tips to communicate with your child's teacher.

When your child is on the autism spectrum, the idea of facing down another school year with all new faces can be a daunting task. Even as a caregiver, you’ll face challenges when it comes to how to best communicate with your child’s teacher. Here’s a few tips to make things work for the new school year:

Describe Your Child’s Behaviors with Positive Language

Make sure to emphasize the positive aspects of having your child in their classroom, not just the challenges they may face. If they are particularly helpful, love to organize, or really shine during art projects, make sure to let their teacher know so they can bring out the best in your child all year long.

Ask the Teacher How He/She Likes to Communicate

There’s nothing worse than getting off on the wrong foot by harassing a teacher over email when they aren’t comfortable with it. If they prefer text or a classroom app etc, make sure to reach out in the method they are most comfortable with and it’s sure to set things off in the right direction.

Collaborate About the Best Plan

It’s important for the teacher to pick up the early signs of your child becoming overwhelmed and setting a designated area where the child can go with the teacher if he/she has a meltdown or gets anxious. It should help make your child feel assured and safe, and keep the teacher’s class functioning smoothly as well. You can communicate this plan to your child together so they see that you and their teacher are on the same team!

Thinking Positive

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