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4 Tips for Helping Children on the Autism Spectrum During the Holidays

Pine tree cones: Holiday tips

This time of year is always busy and bustling and helping your child on the spectrum cope with the ever-changing landscape of the holidays can be a big task.

Just a few tips that might help your child on the autism spectrum this time of year.

This time of year is always busy and bustling for your child with autism during the holidays. Cope with the ever-changing landscape of the holidays, making it a big task.

Our Executive Director of Clinical Quality, Meade McHenry, MS, BCBA, put together a few tips that might help your child on the autism spectrum this time of year.

  1. Schedules are important.

    • The holidays can be a chaotic time where it’s difficult to stay on a schedule. It’s important for children to maintain as much of their typical routine as possible for a smooth holiday season. This can include keeping bedtime and morning routines as consistent as possible. Especially when school and therapy schedules are typically switched up.  Keep it fun and prepare your child for the changes that may happen.
  2. Be prepared.

    • Preparation is key for a smooth and happy holiday season for the whole family. The amount of preparation may vary for each child. It its important to communicate with your child’s support team for additional preparation suggestions. Visuals can be a great tool, such as using a calendar and counting down the days until the holiday, or visitors arriving, or stories/conversations to go over what the holidays will be like and what can be expected.
  3. Preparing to travel?

    • Bring plenty of their favorite toys, activities and food items to keep them engaged and provide them familiar items, especially if traveling to an unfamiliar location.
  4. Provide a quiet space.

    • If there is a lot of activity and people that will be arriving for the holiday, prepare a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle where your child can play and engage in preferred activities to have a quiet, low demand space.

There is more!

If there are a lot of gifts, children can easily get overwhelmed if there are a lot of presents to open.

You can spread out the gift-giving throughout the morning and let them enjoy their gift before moving to the next gifts to help them enjoy the fun of the day.

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