5 Social Holiday Stories

Social Holiday Stories

Help your child navigate through visits with Santa, receiving gifts, and so much more that comes with the holiday season.

The holiday season often changes everything for your child and family, including Social Holiday Stories.

Your schedules, what you eat, where you go, what you wear, who you spend time with, and all this in addition to the frequent holiday activities that may seem confusing to a child on the autism spectrum. These social stories may help prepare them for the transition into the season and all the adjustments that come with it!

Visiting Family During Christmas

Read the story with your child before a visit with relatives to help him or her know what to expect. The story can be customized by writing or typing in your family’s specific holiday plans. You can also add pictures of your relatives into the story.

Getting Dressed for Winter

With every season change, we encounter issues transitioning into wearing appropriate clothing, new shoes or boots, and playing outside when the weather is colder. Earlier this year, we discovered that social stories have helped my oldest son tremendously. A quick read through and he’s ready to try whatever is in the story.

Going to Visit Santa

Read the story with your child before a visit with Santa to help him or her know what to expect.

What to Expect at Christmas

This activity is part of a series of activities about Christmas. You can find the rest of these activities here.

Thinking Positive

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