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Virtual field trip icon of Field Trip Friday to Atlanta, Georgia.

Explore Our Virtual Field Trips: Atlanta, Georgia

As part of our Field Trip Friday series, we will be sharing our favorite virtual field trips so that you can learn all over the world - from anywhere in the world. Today we are taking a trip to the beautiful and vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia. Read more »

June teenth Blog Post | race

11 Resources to Help You Talk to Your Child About Race

FAC has always been committed to an inclusive and diverse culture. Our mission to change the world for children with autism can only be done when we celebrate our differences and live by our value of a level playing field for any race.Read more »

Children playing with puzzle pieces ready to lead

An Opportunity to Lead with Continuity of Care

As a team, we talk a lot about our mission, and we test every decision we make against that mission; is what we are about to do really in line with our mission? We are not perfect, we make plenty of mistakes, but we can honestly say that we believe the answer is an overwhelming “yes”. Read more »

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