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Prospective Employees:

“To say FAC makes a difference is an understatement. Where else can you find a job that actually changes the lives of children all while those same children teach you so much about yourself and the world around you?
Working a FAC is so much more than just a job, it shows you who you are.”
Quinicka Bryant, RBT

How would you like to spend your days truly impacting the lives of the exceptional children at FAC? You could be on the front lines of the biggest changes a child can make – whether it be communicating for the first time or making strides on reducing a problem behavior – these are the little things that add up to a whole lot of progress. How would you like to be there alongside other experts in their field, working together to accomplish these goals all while being trained to the premium standard that FAC guarantees?We hope you join us because that’s what you will get with a career at FAC. Become a member of the FAC Family and change lives.

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As part of the BlueSprig family of companies, we are a nationwide leading provider of home and center-based ABA therapy. If you are looking for a position in the state of Georgia, please check out our Fusion Autism Center positions.

Behavior Therapist

Registered Behavior Therapist (RBT) and ABA Therapist Positions

Benefits from Florida Baptism Center
At FAC, we are always focused on making a difference in the lives of the exceptional children at our centers. The bonus being, our team members often find that the benefits are reciprocal. Our behavior therapists say that the kids they work with pass on their own lessons too and their lives are forever altered.

Does this sound like a career that is meant for you? As an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist or Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) with FAC you will serve as a critical member of the FAC family. You’ll collaborate with others in your center along with leading experts in the behavior industry to form best practices and to innovate with the latest data-based findings. It is an opportunity to provide one-on-one ABA therapy to children and be responsible for implementing skill-acquisition and behavior-reduction plans, all while taking careful notes to track progress and truly utilize the data to journey forward with that individual child, wherever the journey may take you. At FAC, we say Start here. Go anywhere, because each journey is unique and we are with our kids every step of the way.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) provide support and direction for the children you work with as well as supporting you! We work with the best of the best and you will have limitless opportunities for growth and expansion within FAC, access to research, continuing education, peer mentors, and so much more.

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I am a BCBA

Come join our team as a BCBA

Speech therapist teaches the boys to say the letter R
FAC is a place where you can inspire and grow! You’ll thrive in the collaborative culture, surrounded by other experts to enhance treatment process for kids as well as your own skillset.

The University of Florida Behavior Analysis Research Clinic (BARC) with Timothy Vollmer, PhD BCBA-D, BARC Clinical & Research Director, Kerri Peters, PhD., BCBA-D, Intensive Feeding specialist Vivian Ibanez, PhD., BCBA-D and FAC have established a collaboration that allows UF to provide clinical and research expertise as well as professional training and high-quality peer review for FAC staff to ensure on-going best practices happen at all FAC locations.

What’s a day in the life for an FAC BCBA? No day is ever the same but typical expectations include the creation of treatment plans and analyzing progress. With support from your team of RBTs, there is hands-on instruction, motivation and assistance, all in a center-based model designed to optimize ABA. You’ll have access to cutting-edge technology with live electronic data collection systems, and real-time dashboards for immediate feedback and tracking of key performance indicators.

Still not convinced? Extra perks include tuition reimbursement, continuing education stipends and the chance to work with some of the best minds in ABA.

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Happy kid sitting on his father's lap next to his mother during a meeting with school counselor

Other Ways to Join Us

Positions that go beyond the typical world of therapy

Are you committed to improving the lives of exceptional children? Are you innovative, hard working, optimistic, and up for a challenge? We want to add you to our team of superheroes.

If your expertise doesn’t fit into the typical therapy categories listed, FAC offers other opportunities to make a positive impact on families, while also fulfilling your own dreams. From finance to administration, we have a range of roles to continue your career.

FAC Values

Our tagline, Start here. Go anywhere, is something we truly believe in. If you start here at FAC, we can take you anywhere. This applies to both our clients and our staff! With our rapid expansion, we’ve kept clinical quality top of mind, all while promoting from within. At FAC, we look internally first for advancement opportunities and often ask our employees where they hope to be in 5 or 10 years with our company. We want to be on this career journey with you. The only limit is the limits you set for yourselves. We believe in and support our FAC Family every step of the way!

Here’s how we START

Support: We give Support – to our families, our communities and our co-workers; FAC advocates for our clients and families and ensures them access to the best-in-class programs. We support the growth and development of our employees. Trust: We build Trust – Our reputation is everything. Our clients and employees rely on our word that we will honor our commitments, be honest and ethical in all we do. This trust is what leads to an experience at FAC that cannot be replicated elsewhere. It sets us apart.

Achievement: We foster Achievement – We provide educational and behavioral support and resources to enhance the social, personal and educational development of the families we serve and provide opportunities for our employees to achieve their personal and professional goals. Research: We advance Research – through our partnerships with the University of Florida and other academic and scientific organizations, we provide state-of-the-art programs with a scientific foundation to ensure our ABA programs are evidence-based.

Thrive: And we Thrive! – We take this amazing journey with our families and we truly change lives every day. That is truly something to celebrate.
We make these values an integral part of life at FAC. We want these values to be the cornerstone of every decision we make – whether it be something small or something huge, everything supports them.