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Virtual Field Trips for Kids: Cleveland, Ohio

Field Trip Friday to Cleveland, Ohio

During our Field Trip Friday series, learn from anywhere in the world! Today we are taking a trip to the rockin' city of Cleveland, Ohio.

Happy Friday, world traveler!

In our Field Trip Friday series, we are sharing our favorite virtual field trips so that you can learn all over the world – from anywhere in the world. Today we are taking a trip to the rockin’ city of Cleveland, Ohio.

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This Field Trip Includes:

The Western Reserve Historical Society

The Western Reserve Historical Society is dedicated to teaching people about the history of Cleveland. As part of that initiative, they have created History at Home, where families can learn about historical events, find fun activities that can be done at home, and even access their Teacher Toolbox to take a deep dive into Ohio’s rich history.

Northeast Ohio Family Fun

Northeast Ohio Family Fun has a section of their website dedicated to at-home activities for kids. There, you can sort activities by age group, and find an extensive list of engaging activities. Check out their Virtual Playdates where you and your child can learn about animals, making popcorn, science challenges, and participate in interactive music lessons. If you are looking for entertainment in the sunshine, you can access their outdoor scavenger hunt here.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

One of Cleveland’s staples, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, is offering free online educational materials called Rock Hall EDU. There you can find full lesson plans and downloadable activities for the whole family. Take a virtual tour of the museum and catch a glimpse into the lives of Hall of Famers like Aretha Franklin and Beyonce.

The Akron Children’s Museum

The Akron Children’s Museum is offering Home Time Activities for age groups up to 10 years of age. They offer family-friendly activities utilizing Vroom materials to tie scientific facts to silly, memorable activities. They also have an array of creative things to do that fall under S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) that will ignite your little one’s innovative skills.

That’s it for our Field Trip Friday series! Thank you for joining us on our virtual travels in preparation for the new school year. As part of our sendoff, we are leaving you with this GloboTreks list of virtual tours so that you can travel the entire world right from your home. Safe travels from Florida Autism Center! ?

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