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Sensory-Friendly Gift Giving Guide

Florida Autism Center gift giving guide that shows a picture of a child with autism holding a present and smiling.

Gift giving season is upon us, and you might be asking yourself what kind of sensory-friendly gifts are out there.

The gift-giving season is upon us, and you might be asking yourself what kind of sensory-friendly gifts are out there. If you are wondering what a sensory-friendly item is, ASERT defines it as an activity or toy that helps “satiate the sensory needs of those who need extra input to function and concentrate adequately in social environments.” This just means that one of these gifts below could be a soothing or fun tool for a child on the spectrum. While all children are unique and have different needs, we think that this list is a great place to get sensory gift ideas.

Disclaimer: The linked items below are merely examples of items that could be purchased. We do not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information offered by third-party websites linked.

Calming Ocean Waves Projector

Ocean Waves Projector


If you are looking to create a calming space for a child, an ocean waves projector like this Bright Autism one can do that in a snap. This one also plays music that is great for bedtime.

The Wiggly Giggler Rattle

Wiggly Giggler Rattle


National Autism Resources describes the Wiggly Giggler as a rattle the helps define motor skills while listening to silly sounds. The fun colors, sounds, and weight makes this a great tool to help out a child when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Sensory Foam Blocks

Edushape Easy Grip Soft Foam Sensory Puzzle Blocks


Sensory foam blocks like these Edushape puzzle blocks are a great gift for more than one reason. These soft, bumpy blocks not only provide tactile stimulation, but also assist with spatial and reasoning skills.

Playtime Water Mat

Earlyears Fill N Fun Water Play Mat


Water mats like this Earlyears one can be used with or without water for tactile fun. The inner tube can be filled up with water, which means that this can be used indoors without any mess. The toys inside of it float up and can be squished and moved around during sensory play.

Textured Mitts

Textured Sensory Mitts


Textured Mitts like these TFH ones are a great way for kids to experience different textures in a safe space. They can put the mitts on their hands or simply touch the outside for comfort.


From all of us at BlueSprig – we wish you and your family safe and happy holidays! If you want to create your own sensory-friendly activities right now at home, be sure to check out our guide here.

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