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5 Halloween Social Stories

Young children in Halloween costumes yelling for candy

Halloween and holidays in general can be a confusing time for a child on the spectrum.

Halloween stories and holidays, in general, can be a confusing time for a child on the spectrum. Different traditions, changes in schedule, new foods, new experiences, plus add a scary mask to all of that and it can be a recipe for a trying time in any child’s life.

Halloween social stories are excellent tools to explain what might be upcoming to your child. From wearing a costume to carving a pumpkin is covered by the stories below!

  1. Halloween Party

    • This social story was created to help students on the Autism Spectrum prepare for a school-wide Halloween party. Social stories are best-practice for working with students on the Autism Spectrum because they convey information in a concrete way.
    • Students read this social story at school on the morning of the Halloween party. The social story was also sent home to parents to review with their child before coming to school on Halloween.
  2. Trick or Treat & Wearing a Costume

    • For starters- the costumes! My goodness, we all know a child on the spectrum I’m sure, that has sensory issues that stem from their clothing. Whether they are too tight, too loose, too itchy, maybe the tag is irritating or the seams in their socks just do not feel right along their toes. Imagine the sensory experiences that come along with a costume! The masks, the hoods, the tight clothing, most costumes are 1 piece suits – SO different than every day clothes.
  3. Carving a Pumpkin

    • This free printable Halloween social story for kids discusses, step-by-step, how to carve a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern. It’s a perfect story to accompany the free printable trick-or-treating social story. The two Halloween social stories combined are a wonderful way to prepare your child with autism for the upcoming festivities.

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