Ultimate Guide to Social Stories for Summer

A boy enjoying his ice pop - Social Stories for Summer

Social Stories for Summer: The change in schedule summer vacations bring can be a trying time for children with autism that don’t adjust well to a change in routines, who don’t always want to try new things, and who might not understand some of the holiday events that happen in these months.

In cases like these, preparing your child and continuing to reinforce the changes are supported by the reading of a Social Story.

A Social Story is an individualized short story that describes social relevant cues in any given situation.

It often breaks down a challenging social situation into understandable steps by omitting irrelevant information.

They are highly descriptive so they can help an individual in the autism spectrum understand the entirety of a situation. Includes answers such as who, what, when, where, and why in social situations using visuals and written text.

…teach a particular social skill like identifying important cues… …understanding expectations in certain situations.

Social Stories for Summer are also used to teach a particular social skill like identifying important cues in a given situation, taking someone else’s point of view into consideration, understanding rules, routines, situations, upcoming events, and understanding expectations in certain situations.

Here are some great resources for helping your child ease to summer vacation with the following stories:

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